Business Consultants

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 Business Growth Strategies 

We are focused in added value products of high quality, ecologic, Bio, and at the same
time, we pay a great deal of attention to the needs of the public for Kosher, vegan and
without lactose products.


BIDA will help you reduce costs and time in the penetration of international markets.
At BIDA we study each sales Project, reviewing channels, on-line and/or traditional,
geographic areas, agreements, contracts and their duration.


Our experience has shown us that not all channels are the proper ones for each product. In B2C, e-commerce needs to be evaluated and the available marketplaces need to be examined and compared to decide how to deal with them.

Personal Financial Assessment

We are an internationalization consultancy with extensive exprience in leading and implementing SME’s export projects in most sectors and industries.

  • With own analysis and management tools.

  • Specialized in procedures for Kosher certification

  • Establishing quantifiable goals in the short, medium and long term

  • Updated international contacts

  • Extensive language ability, including Hebrew and German.

  • Added value products: Ecologic, BIO and Vegan market

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